Farmers can now renew their registration to get a fixed price for rubber

Kottayam: The government has started registration of rubber permanently for the relief of farmers.  The law came into force during the last government's tenure to stabilize the farmers at Rs.

 What is meant here is that the government provides the farmers with a bank loan through which they can get the remainder of the regular price of Rs. 150.

 The law applies to farmers who are members of the Rubber Producers Group.  The bills of sale of rubber products at sea will be paid to the group and sent to the Rubber Board from there.  50 / - per team.

 The government should have shown its own land receipt receipt from time to time to find out who sold the plantation and did not do the tapping.  RPIS was started in 1991 and 1992 with the Central Government to help the former farmers.

 As a part of this, the law for the registration of rubber plantations with productive societies was enacted.  The government has made it mandatory for non-registrant groups to submit a tax receipt for 2019- 2020 for renewal.

 Those who have cultivated rubber with land are not eligible for registration.  Registration can be done if the property is exempt from the data bank.

 For registration of multiple orchards, a copy of everyone's Aadhaar card must be provided.  Moreover, in order to receive the benefit, everyone must sign and sign a consent form on behalf of someone.